Everything you need right now, is your version 2.0

If you want to shine like the sun,
you first need to burn like the sun.

Today you are going to learn about the ordinary man who did some extra ordinary work by changing himself complete from nothing to something. And he is always trying to chang himself to better version of himself.

Aditya Shinde, who is a rising entrepreneur running various startups and and organisations had tighten his feets in the field of digital world as well as technology, inspiring students to grow their careers as well. He created all his empire in as less period of time as 5 years.

Some times your present version of yourself is not just capable to achieve your dreams. You have to update yourself with the better version time to time to be in the growth. You need to fix your bugs, increase your limitations, increase your processing power as your dreams are getting big.

Let's go through Aditya's journey from his previous version to his present one.

By profession he is an IoT engineer. He started his career in his years of graduation. He was doing engineering as well as exploring the changing world outside the frame. He was passionate about the technology but newly fell in love with the magical digital world. He decided to explore this world and start the career with digital marketing.

When there is a will ,

there is a way

He got the opportunity to learn digital marketing thoroughly in the form of digital marketing internship by digital Dipak . It was the turning point of his life. He didn't let the opportunity to leave and took it and made it large.

He started his 1st company with the help of that internship and never look behind. He kept accepting challenges and making it his milestones by beating them.

Whatever is now visible to us is version 2.0 of Aditya. He gifted this upgradation to himself. He is doing everything now that his previous version couldn't even dream to.

Now it's your turn to fix your limitations and selfgift a better version of yourself.

A passionate digital marketer.