How to build an empire with marketing?

has your business growth got stuck at a point? Are you the one who thinks that right marketing is the only thing by which you can grow your business exponentially but don’t actually don’t know how to do marketing? then this blog is for you! The blog is life-changing for marketers, MLM leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners, and students.

Quick takeaways -

- The fundamentals of marketing

- Importance of communication skills

- Digital marketing vs traditional marketing

- CATT marketing funnel and frameworks

- Integrated digital marketing framework

- Personal branding: Mass trust blueprint

The fundamentals of marketing

Marketing is the only thing that gives you an instant ROI. By doing proper marketing you can not just sell your product but also can build the trust of the audience which will be proved as the biggest asset for your company.

Basically, marketing is not creativity, it’s a process of successfully applying the laws of marketing. Marketing is a way by which you can communicate with your customer.

Marketing can be simply defined as:

The process of communicating with the right person about the right thing at the right time and right place.

It is also about keeping your existing customers happy by continuously communicating with them so that they will be your loyal customers for life.

The real marketing starts before your product is built. You need to do market research before launching the product in the market. If you are launching the right product for the right group of customers, the product can sell itself.

The aim of marketing is to know and understand your customer so well, that the product and service fit him and sell itself. The aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous.

- Peter Drucker

Marketing is the game of perception and the product is the game of reality.

Never let your marketing become more important than the product.

When you make marketing more important than the quality of the product, at the end of the day the product comes out as a failure.

you just need marketing to kickstart your company. After that, great products can sell themselves.

Advertising is not marketing. Advertising it’s just a component of marketing

The importance of communication skills

Good marketing is all about good communication.

Whatever your channel is (spoken or Written) communication is a thing that matters a lot. Good communication is when you catch the vibe of your audience and communicate with them in their language.

A good communicator joins the conversation going on in the mind of their audience.

If you can predict what is going on in the mind of your audience, you can pick the things that are in their mind and communicate to them so your audience will relate with you and easily get your point.

Write as you talk.

When you are communicating with your audience in the written form, write like you are talking with them face to face. People don’t like to read something which is complicated to understand. They can easily get the points which are written in the simple form. By keeping your language easy you can communicate with more audience.

How to improve communication skills?

Now, this is the question that you might be thinking about. I’m giving some most effective ways to improve your communication skills below -

  • Write a lot

By writing a lot, you learn to organise your thoughts. By writing daily you will be able to keep good control on your language. It will help you to increase your vocabulary. Writing makes your communication more fluent.

  • Think in English

You should have pride in your native language but, if you want to increase your tribe of the audience, you have to communicate with the people in the language which they understand. English is the language which is used most in the entire world. So, if you are thinking big, you have to learn to write and speak English.

By thinking in English you can increase your English skills and will able to make your language more fluent.

  • Watch standup comedy and sitcoms

Standup comedies and sitcoms teach you how to speak in English more confidently.

It improves your vocabulary, and also improve your sense of humour which is very important while having communication with your audience to keep them engaged.

  • Read books and blogs about communication skills

Here are some books that you must read-

  1. Never eat alone
  2. On becoming fearless
  3. Extraordinary PR in the ordinary budget
  4. How to win friends and influence people
  5. Words that work
  • Practice your communication skills

This is the most important exercise that you need to do in order to improve your communication skills.

Keep yourself in the group of good people with whom you can make good conversations in English.

Record your videos while delivering some content. Ask your wellwishers to review them, and try to improve the mistakes.

Understanding Digital marketing vs Traditional marketing

Traditional marketing

Here are some stats regarding traditional marketing

  • In India, 197M households with 4–5 members have television out of 298 M.
  • TV has reached 800M to 1B people.
  • Radio has the reach of 86% of the population
  • Newspapers have reached 465 M of people.

Traditional marketing is the medium of marketing where you can’t categorise your audience.

You have to show your advertisement to the people who don’t need your product. Ex- If you are selling chocolates and want to give advertisements in the newspaper, but most of the people who read the newspaper don’t want to buy chocolates. So you’re gonna waste your money.

Digital marketing

Let’s look at some stats regarding digital marketing

  • Reach of digital marketing till now is very close to the TV.
  • The digital marketing industry is worth $ 68 billion.
  • The digital marketing industry is growing at a 40% growth rate.
  • Digital marketing is the medium to reach a fluent English speaking population with the buying power.

Only digital marketing gives you the power to do your targeting customised.

In digital marketing, you can select to whom you want to show your advertisement. You can also retarget the people who showed interest in your product. You can communicate with them individually.

In digital marketing, you can start advertising with very less investment. Comparatively, digital marketing is much cheaper than all other mediums of marketing.

Click on and apply for the internship program from the country’s topmost digital marketer If you are willing to learn more about digital marketing. It is the only program which gives you money for learning.

CATT marketing funnel and frameworks

Wealth = N^CATT

CATT is the marketing funnel by which you can get your potential customers cheaper and faster.

N = Niche

Your half work is already done when you decide where to compete. Success and wealth depend on the niche you select.

C = Content

Create useful content that attracts people from your niche. You can deliver your content to your audience by Blog Posts, webinars, videos, lead magnets, podcasts, emails, telegram groups, etc.

The more value you provide, the more trust you gain.

A = Attention

Drive attention to your content using SEO, social media paid ads and referrals.

T = Trust

Build trust with the audience via tripwires, marketing automation and targeting

T = Transaction

The transaction is important. Convert your leads into customers with natural sales methods.

Don’t let your hard work spoil by just ignoring the leads you got. Don’t ever do procrastination for it. Just be closing. I repeat be closing.

The integrated digital marketing framework

This is the framework which you should follow while doing digital marketing to maximize your results. It is a tried and tested framework by many marketers.

You need to run a paid ads campaign to kickstart your marketing.

Get the traffic to your contents by paid ads. And engage the audience by delivering good content.

Ask people to write comments and reviews about your content.

Get the organic traffic to your content by doing SEO.

Share your blog posts on social media to drive more traffic to your content.

Get the emails of your audience by Lead magnets and do email marketing to get your audience back to your content every time.

After building the trust of your audience, you can sell them your products or affiliate links.

Building your personal brand

The best known always beats the best

Always people don’t know which thing is best but, if you are best known then people always consider that whatever is your product or service must be best.

By building your strong personal brand value, you can beat the competition easily.

People always prefer to hear from a person, then from a brand.

Elon Musk has a bigger following than SpaceX and tesla

The evolution of the personal brand


Learn new skills by good mentors. Understand the concepts, learn the facts and practice the procedures.


Implement your skills by working on it. Practice it a lot to master the skills. Do the work for people who can pay you for your work.


Let the people know what you are good for. Keep writing about the things that you know about the field consistently.

After some time you will get people’s attention. They will know you as a master of your skills and will want to learn from you.


After making your own brand, start consulting people how to do things instead of doing things for them.


Mentor and teach others who want to to be like you. Invest time in making good courses. Launch the course. Promote your courses by doing integrated digital marketing.

These are the things which you can do to build your empire too by the help of digital marketing.

After all, you need to be dedicated to your dreams. Everything takes its price. You have to give a lot of sacrifices in order to fulfil your dreams.

I’m pretty sure if you are reading till here, you have taken your dreams seriously and you are dedicated to them.

I hope you have liked my content.

Comment down below about your review.

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